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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2700A/B
Treena Orchard

Film: The Downside of High Link between marijuana and schizophrenia  in brain scan in experiment -30 million? - scan shows dramatic jump in dopamine - smoked canvas on the day of experiment, prior to scan - brain scan shows a link between marijuana and schizophrenia - across northAmerica, showing early signs of schizophrenia and all asked about any drug history - for most people it can make you paranoid and psychosis  temporary and freighting stage, symptom of schizophrenia - first suggest to pot and developed schizophrenia: SAYING is mentally ill campaign - changes your personality - the first strong evidence that there was a famous paper and it was a study that followed a Swedish military group and found a direction between meth and this disease - hallucinations, voices - she became maniac when she smoked for first time “thought she was in a time zone, people will eat her” bipolar disorder—psychosis - transformation of self changes when smoking pot - he thought there was demons in his house - The more cannabis that people have taken when you’re 18, then 6x more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia than non-marijuana users - Cannabis doubles the risk of future psychotic states, isolated psychotic disorders - Chances of developing schizophrenia could quadruple if you use marijuana before age 16 - Illnesses like schizophrenia, psychosis and bipolar disorder could be triggered by marijuana - through 1990’s use doubled in Canada and US - Marijuana gives most people a pleasant “buzz” or high, while others develop paranoia and sometimes psychosis, involving a frightening break from reality, heightened anxiety and hallucinations - symptoms of schizophrenia. - THC and schizophrenia -THC obtained from cannabis or made synthetically, that is the primary intoxicant in pot • THC Triggers dopamine in the brain which controls mood • An increase in dopamine makes us more aware, and that heightened awareness can lead to the hallucinations associated with schizophrenia. o This is a chemical in brain that increases mood and that heightened element increases chance of disease, it makes us more aware o Heightened awareness leads to hallucinations associated with marijuana - Psychosis is the tendency to attribute too much meaning to mundane/neutral events o Make meaning where there isn’t any - too much THC can be bad THC levels today are much greater than the 60’s’70’s which was 1-3 percent - Today THC levels is anywhere from 18-25% is significant - Average THC content in marijuana has increased more than 130% in the last 30 years - This increase isn’t restricted to Canada - Today’s marijuana is so potent that it was discussed if it should be classified as a different product than the 1960s product Cannabis users have nothing but enjoyment with it, so why does it have some crippling effect on some teens? How does pot trigger schizophrenia? • Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in the world and potency has increased in the last 20 years Others are more prone to the risk because of background factors - People who have a different personality, unrealistic ideas - Using upper drugs (meth and cocaine) - cant trigger mental illness on its own - risk factors, which include: 1) a family history of mental illness, 2) a “psychosis-prone” personality, 3) a history of childhood trauma, 4) where you live, since urban dwellers have a higher rate of schizophrenia. - some can take and not develop a problem but some can and can develop problem - eccentric ideas, artistic, dreamer, genetics, detached from group, on their own, more likely to develop this order - need to have a better idea of biological mechanisms Scanning brains of pot smoking schizophrenics - Dopamine plays an important role in developing symptoms of psychosis - Administers THC or placebo to groups, vapourizer used to check THC levels - THC does trigger psychosis - Partly explains what marijuana does to the brain - Cannabinoid systems is disrupted when taking pot - our brain synapses are over flooded with cannabinoid signals when we smoke pot, loses memory o Dopamine levels go up because some neurotransmitters regulated by cannabinoid system o The longer you keep taking cannabis, you dis-regulate your brain Chicken or egg - could smoking have eased coping with dis
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