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Lecture 3

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Health Sciences
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Health Sciences 2700A/B
Treena Orchard

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2700 Lecture 3September 27 2011 She argues that the body is gendered to the level of the cell This gendering of the body is a reflection of how men and women are perceived in society o Active productive fearless spermmen o Less active less productive less challenging ovumwomenIs that the language that Berk usesDoes it mean what Martin thinks it doesReproduction TidBits from NOVA 91 women per hour get pregnant in CanadaIf the testosterone from EVERY man in THE WORLD was weighed it would only be 80 lbsWhen we are 4 days old we are made of 100 cells o If this DNA was stretched out it would measure 1 city blockThe Y chromosome is much smaller and takes longer to become expressed than the X chromosome o Thats why men have nipplesPrenatal Development Period Length Key Events Zygote 2 Weeks Fertilization implantation start of the placenta Embryo6 Weeks Arms legs face organs muscles all develop heart begins beatingFetus30 Weeks Growth and finishing Environmental Risks to BabyInfectious Diseases Immunization of children is now relatively standard for newbornsYet some parents refuse immunizationWHY o Sideeffects of vaccines o Poor information provided by physician o Religious reasons 1
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