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Lecture 4

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2700A/B
Treena Orchard

2700 Lecture 4October 4 2011Influences on Physical Growth and HealthHeredity and hormones o Growth hormone GH o Thyroidstimulating hormoneNecessary for brain development and for GH to have full impact on body size NutritionInfectious Disease o Malnutrition o ImmunizationChildhood injuries Factors related to Childhood Injuries Gender and temperamentPoverty low parental educationTeenage birthsLack of quality child careInternational differencesRole of the ecological system in relation ot this issueo What does she mean Eating in Early ChildhoodAppetite decreases because growth slows downo Vary meal to mealWariness of new foods is adaptiveNeed highquality dietInfectious Disease and Malnutrition 10 million children under 5 dieyear and 98 live in developing countries o 70 are from infectious diseasePoor diet suppresses immune systemIllness reduces appetiteDiarrhea a danger oral rehydration therapy and zinc can helpImmunizations24 of American children lack full set 40 among those living in povertyIn Canada less than 7 do not receive full immunization Motor Skill Development in Early Childhood Gross Motor Skillso Balance improveso Center of gravity shifts downwardso Gait smooth and rhythmic by age 2o Upper and lowerbody skills combine into more refined actions by age 51
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