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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2711A/B
Aleksandra Zecevic

HS 2711B Global Aging: Week 1 January 8 , 2014 Six Myths of Aging 1. Most older people live in developing countries • About 70% older people live in developing countries • Why is world population aging?  Decline in premature mortality (better sanitation, nutrition and housing, vaccinations, antibiotics)  Falls in fertility 2. Older people are all the same • Older people are a very diverse group of people • Why are people less alike as they age? 3. Men and Women age the same way • Men and women age differently • Women live 5-8 years longer than men but experience more disabling problems • Women – these diseases don’t kill you, but you have to manage them for a long period of time  Osteoporosis  Diabetes  Hypertension  Incontinence  Arthritis • Men – these actually kill you  Heart disease  Stroke • Why are patterns of health and illness different in women and men? Hormones, social roles, exposure to lifestyle risks • Biological advantages vs. Socio-economical disadvantages (lower paid jobs, lower pensions and social security, domestic labor, career interruption
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