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Adolescence Writeup

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2711A/B
Treena Orchard

HS 2700A Tutorial Section 002 November 23, 2009 Adolescence: The transition between childhood and adulthood In most cases, adolescence is always defined as puberty; the physical changes a person’s body undergoes around 12-16 years old. Hormonal, height, weight, and body composition changes take place within every person’s body. Puberty with respect to biological changes is universal and is an normative age-graded influence. In some cases, the time puberty happens shifts into being early or coming later with the influence of different factors such as cultural, psychological, and environmental factors. Some of these factors include growing up in a low SES neighbourhood, low educational attainment, and one’s ethnicity. Despite all these factors, puberty is unavoidable and is a completely normal time in a human being’s lifespan.As critical thinkers, we need to open our minds and not only associate puberty with physical changes, as social and emotional changes take place during the adolescent period in one’s life. Social development accounts for a majority part of adolescent change. Changes in roles and responsibilities evolve and a sense of self-autonomy and independence is formed. In most cases, teenagers are trusted more by their parents and peers and are given more responsibilities. Sometimes it means getting a later curfew, more household chores, or even if it means getting a part-time job to save money. Self-autonomy increases as adolescents begin to trust themselves more when it comes to decision-making. Moreover, long-term relationships start to form. Adolescents usually find their long-term best friends and develop relationship skills that are based on trust and honesty. On the other hand in some cultures, teenagers do not get the full adolescent experience due to cultural values and
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