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Deadly Desires Video Notes

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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2711A/B
Treena Orchard

HS 2700A Nov 16, 2009 Deadly Desires: Sex • 45% of teens have had sex • concern is unprotected sex • 37% of teens having sex - unprotected • 1/4 of sexually active teenagers will contract an STD • many STDs (HIV) have no symptoms • pressure to have sex is all around • most pressure comes from peers and society • most of teens having sex are emotionally unprepared • Julie Lane - became very insecure about herself during highschool • had a boyfriend, took birth control pills, considered for it be safe sex • she didnʼt think about the possibility of STDs • only concerned about not being pregnant • her boyfriend for 4 years, died from brain cancer, and brain cancer was associated with AIDS • hey boyfriend had a secret life, and might have given HIV to Julie • HIV positive • blood was tested 4 times, and all 4 times, she was HIV positive • contracted lung disease after • now, talks to children in highschools about her situation • Kendal Richardson - writes poe
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