Health Sciences 2711A/B Lecture Notes - Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill, Safe Sex, U.S. Route 35

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HS 2700A
Nov 16, 2009
Deadly Desires: Sex
45% of teens have had sex
concern is unprotected sex
37% of teens having sex - unprotected
1/4 of sexually active teenagers will contract an STD
many STDs (HIV) have no symptoms
pressure to have sex is all around
most pressure comes from peers and society
most of teens having sex are emotionally unprepared
Julie Lane - became very insecure about herself during highschool
had a boyfriend, took birth control pills, considered for it be safe sex
she didnʼt think about the possibility of STDs
only concerned about not being pregnant
her boyfriend for 4 years, died from brain cancer, and brain cancer was associated
with AIDS
hey boyfriend had a secret life, and might have given HIV to Julie
HIV positive
blood was tested 4 times, and all 4 times, she was HIV positive
contracted lung disease after
now, talks to children in highschools about her situation
Kendal Richardson - writes poetry, volunteers to help elderly
18 yrs old - became ill
has HIV, from oral sex
volunteers with AIDS patients
many STDs carry no or few symptoms
HIV - virus that causes AIDS
40,000 new cases of HIV every year in US
3/5 of 40,000 people had it from teenage years
supresses immune system, canʼt fight certain viruses
can be attacked disease after disease (lung disease)
most common STD is chlamydia in US
affects teens more in any other group
younger women more susceptible to cervical infections
can produce symptoms
inflammation of genitals
can be prevented - limiting sex partners and using condoms
any skin to skin contact can give you STDs, not only intercourse
other STDs can lead to cancer
many sexually active teens donʼt get tested for HIV, and find out years after
8/10 girls and 6/10 boys wish they had waited to have sex
many wanted to change their partner
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