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Generation RX Video Notes

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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2711A/B
Treena Orchard

HS 2700A Nov 2, 2009 Generation Rx Video Notes Chapter 1 - darkness and light • “ghosts from the nursery” - difficult childhood for these kids • these drugs are attacking the frontal lobe- which what makes us human beings • kids shootings at schools • parents start children on dangerous path of biochemicals that alter their minds without knowing it, trust professionals • children were diagnosed as depressed, bipolar, hyperactive • neuroscience is very profitable, and this is when the pharmaceutical industry takes advantage of that fact • mind and mood altering drugs are the most sellable drugs in the world • Cymbalta • psychiatric disorders = biological imbalances • drugs blocks/activates serotonin or dopamine • drugs were never designed to be used by children • mind and mood altering drugs are fastest growing • makes kids depressed, bipolar, and other psychological disorders • some drugs release serotonin and nor ephineperine • we say that the kids have biological imbalances, but really its the drugs that we give them that cause the biological imbalances • main drug campaigns are targeted towards children • drugs targeted to children who are “sad”, but in reality, kids need to learn coping skills and accept the fact that friends move away, dogs die, etc • children in foster care group homes are often controlled by psychiatric drugs • why did we all of a sudden expand our market to children? • we have all of a sudden labelled alot of kids as “abnormal” or “diseased” • no explosion of kids with psychological disease, it is a social enterprise where we just instantly labelled kids as psychologically distrubed • drugs target the frontal lobe of the brain which is in charge of judgement, morals, etc • brains are still growing for kids, we cannot just judge who they are and that they have a psychiatric disorder right away, because they havenʼt fully developed yet. • doctors usually listen to the pharmaceutical sellers, but instead that they should listen to their basic medical school knowledge for the patientʼs best interest • Risperdal - UKʼs most common psychiatric drug • some drugs make children gain weight - diabetes • Ritalin widely used in the US • drugs block the transmission to the frontal lobe of the brain (makes us love, hate, prejudice, judgement, what makes us human being) • a “chemical manipulation of consciousness” • prozac made a kid stab his dad twice (Chris Blagbrough) • child was put in a psychiatric hospital and they couldnʼt accept that prozac had anything to do with it. • he eventually committed suicide • some school shootings are caused by drugged students • 8/13 school shooters were taking drugs • Valium and Prozac are drug that made a child shot classmates, and shot president Ronald Reagan • Virginia Tech shooting was caused by a drugged student, who had anti-depressant medication in his system Chapter 2 - Ritalin Nation • ADD before, is now called ADHD • before, we let maturity take its course and let our own children develop, but nowadays, children are less fortunate, ADHD has permeated their world. • ADHD - behavioural disorder of childhood • exceptionally gifted children have similar symptoms and behaviour to those children who have ADHD • Minimal Brain Dysfuntion - a new disorder in 1970s and children were prescribed Ritalin • Ritalin (methylphenidate) - first prescribed in the 50s for mental institute patients • first prescribed for fatigue and depression • Ritalin production rose by 740% • blurred vision, shrinkage of brain, psychotic episodes, etc • 1998 - 3-day conference about ADHD • speculations and tests about ADHD were still shady • ADHD is like porno
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