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Health Sciences 2711A/B Lecture Notes - Virginia Tech Shooting, Psychiatric Medication, Mental Disorder

Health Sciences
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HS 2711A/B
Treena Orchard

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HS 2700A
Nov 2, 2009
Generation Rx Video Notes
Chapter 1 - darkness and light
“ghosts from the nursery” - difficult childhood for these kids
these drugs are attacking the frontal lobe- which what makes us human beings
kids shootings at schools
parents start children on dangerous path of biochemicals that alter their minds without
knowing it, trust professionals
children were diagnosed as depressed, bipolar, hyperactive
neuroscience is very profitable, and this is when the pharmaceutical industry takes
advantage of that fact
mind and mood altering drugs are the most sellable drugs in the world
psychiatric disorders = biological imbalances
drugs blocks/activates serotonin or dopamine
drugs were never designed to be used by children
mind and mood altering drugs are fastest growing
makes kids depressed, bipolar, and other psychological disorders
some drugs release serotonin and nor ephineperine
we say that the kids have biological imbalances, but really its the drugs that we give
them that cause the biological imbalances
main drug campaigns are targeted towards children
drugs targeted to children who are “sad”, but in reality, kids need to learn coping skills
and accept the fact that friends move away, dogs die, etc
children in foster care group homes are often controlled by psychiatric drugs
why did we all of a sudden expand our market to children?
we have all of a sudden labelled alot of kids as “abnormal” or “diseased”
no explosion of kids with psychological disease, it is a social enterprise where we just
instantly labelled kids as psychologically distrubed
drugs target the frontal lobe of the brain which is in charge of judgement, morals, etc
brains are still growing for kids, we cannot just judge who they are and that they have
a psychiatric disorder right away, because they havenʼt fully developed yet.
doctors usually listen to the pharmaceutical sellers, but instead that they should listen
to their basic medical school knowledge for the patientʼs best interest
Risperdal - UKʼs most common psychiatric drug
some drugs make children gain weight - diabetes
Ritalin widely used in the US
drugs block the transmission to the frontal lobe of the brain (makes us love, hate,
prejudice, judgement, what makes us human being)
a “chemical manipulation of consciousness”
prozac made a kid stab his dad twice (Chris Blagbrough)
child was put in a psychiatric hospital and they couldnʼt accept that prozac had
anything to do with it.
he eventually committed suicide
some school shootings are caused by drugged students
8/13 school shooters were taking drugs
Valium and Prozac are drug that made a child shot classmates, and shot president
Ronald Reagan
Virginia Tech shooting was caused by a drugged student, who had anti-depressant
medication in his system
Chapter 2 - Ritalin Nation
ADD before, is now called ADHD
before, we let maturity take its course and let our own children develop, but nowadays,
children are less fortunate, ADHD has permeated their world.
ADHD - behavioural disorder of childhood
exceptionally gifted children have similar symptoms and behaviour to those
children who have ADHD
Minimal Brain Dysfuntion - a new disorder in 1970s and children were prescribed
Ritalin (methylphenidate) - first prescribed in the 50s for mental institute patients
first prescribed for fatigue and depression
Ritalin production rose by 740%
blurred vision, shrinkage of brain, psychotic episodes, etc
1998 - 3-day conference about ADHD
speculations and tests about ADHD were still shady
ADHD is like pornography - “you know it when you see it”
there was no set criteria for an ADHD child - doctor (Dr. Vonnegut) struggled to
describe the symptoms of a child with ADHD even though he has worked with 100
kids before the conference.
there is always a change to the profession says Dr. Vonnegut
Brooke Reynolds was diagnosed with ADHD, prescribed Ritalin, parents trusted their
lack of scientific credibility
control group was 2-3 years older than the experimental group for the ADHD
ADHD relative with brain size (atrophy) - smaller brain size
psychostimulants (Ritalin) cause brain atrophy
Prozac having suicide risks when taking it
we are not allowing kids to mature, we are drugging them (we donʼt have the correct
science after 2000 studies) - adulterated science
we have the wrong attitudes when it comes to kids, and that they like to run around
and explore
teachers and parents would diagnose children with ADHD, but they are not doctors!!
Brooke Reynolds used Ritalin for 10 years, she couldnʼt eat or sleep, but she still
insisted on taking it because doctor says her school performance would improve, but it
she became addicted to Ritalin and she committed suicide
Chapter 3 - Who will tell the people?
Prozac - fluoxetine hydrochloride
1980s - FDA secretly kept that Prozac was linked to suicide, adverse effects, etc to the
public (A FACT)
a drug called fluoxetine hydrochloride (Prozac) had suicide effects where 16 people
committed suicide and only 2 were successful
German was first concerned about Prozac - BGA
BGA is the German version of FDA
BGA asked Eli Lilly (another FDA) to review their investigation, but Eli Lilly said to
cover the suicide side effect
28,000 adverse events reported
1,600 suicides
Paul Leber, Robert Temple, and Thomas Laughren are working together to whitewash
the idea of the side-effect suicide (dark facts about Prozac)
mental professionals were needed for the plan to be successful
SSRIs are antidepressant drugs and can cause violent behaviour and suicidal
Prozac is still considered safe
1991 - FDA had another chance to make it right
Prozac was prescribed to women who wanted to lose weight
people trusted their physicians, and physicians trusted FDA and Eli Lilly
Prozac gave people nightmares, headaches, irritation, fear, violent thoughts in nature.
Having heard the peopleʼs testimonials, the FDA reached its verdict
they didnʼt believe that antidepressants (Prozac) was tied with suicidality
money can corrupt the design of clinical trials, money can corrupt the pharmaceutical
industry and put peopleʼs lives at stake
NIH Scientist Pleads Guilty in accepting $285,000 from Pfizer
DSM-IV is the “bible” of psychiatric disorders
more than half of the task force have ties with the drug industry
170 people in the DSM panel and about 56% of those people have some sort of
connection with the pharmaceutical industry
2003 - prescription of antipsychotic drugs to children rose by 50%
Zoloft also has the same suicidal effects as prozac (happy zoloft rock)
communicated that it is okay to use antidepressant drugs
Candace Downing had test anxiety (she would get really nervous or scared when
she was about to take an exam)
Candace had been prescribed zoloft by the psychiatrist and hung herself within
24 hrs of the psychiatric appointment
Thomas Laughrenʼs daughter attended school with Candace. Downingʼs did not
realize that Laughren was heavily influencing Prozac hearings
if Zoloft was to be approved, it would be of “controversy and risk” - they had case
studies where children have died
Thomas Laughren approved Zoloft