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Health Sciences 2801A/B Sept. 14th Construct, Indicator, Score.docx

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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2801A/B
Christopher Lee

Sept. 14 HS2801 - Measurement is a process of using indicators to represent constructs. - Indicators inside the box are the ones used to measure the construct (Fig. 1.1) o Thermometer  Temperature is the construct  Indicator is the length/extent of mercury  Score is the number measurement on side o Possible to have more than one indicator - Construct Under Representation o Fig. 1.1 o Indicators are relevant to the construct but aren’t being used - Construct Irrelevant Variance o Something irrelevant being used to measure construct o Adding something that is irrelevant to the score, therefore changing the score (variable)  Figure with broken lines th  4 indicator has no arrow, but still used in measurement process  Different strengths of relevance  Ex. strongest- I1, weakest-I4 o Raven puzzle  Indicator- the 3 puzzles  Score- the number of correct answers  Construct- intelligence o Stroop test  Read the colour of the word and not the colour the word reads  Score- the time it takes to complete the puzzle  Indicator- reaching the end of the puzzle  Construct- cognitive ability measure o Ink Test  Indicators- 3 inkblots  Construct- your imagination, sign of psychopathology  Score- recurring pattern (ex. “life is a messy, gorey thing”) - Evidence of Score meaning o Content aspect  Is concerned with there being a sufficient number of indicators to represent a
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