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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2801A/B
Terry Biggs

Application - Homer October-12-11 2:49 PM Homer is a 55 year old executive who is feeling very stressed, overwhelmed & "too busy". He has a BA in business and a large family who pressure him for success. Sole breadwinner for his family. Homer values a long, healthy life and wants to change his behaviour so he can reduce his stress and live longer & healthier. He values his job performance, his family, and overall happiness. He also values money. He is stressed about his age because he is about 1/2 way thru life. 2 Facilitators& 2 barriers re desired beh for your person about KNOWING: Behaviour capacities • Facilitators: 1. Have family meetings where they talk about their feelings 2. Reading the newspaper that talks about how stress affects life - learning • Barriers: 1. Taking on too much responsibility 2. When he was young, his family was always working thus he got this image of always working Expectations: • He expects that if he performs the beh, he will reduce his stress, increase job performance & increase life satisfaction. • He expects that if he doesn't perform the beh, his stress levels will remain the same or increase, & his job performance and family life satisfaction will decrease • If he reduces his work load, stress will decrease, then he will have more time for things he likes to do which will decrease stress further Facilitators for self-efficacy • Homer sees someone who has the same work load as him but this man makes time for exercising and having fun w/ friends and family. This man is very hap
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