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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 3040A/B
Shannon Sibbald

Week 10 – Guest speaker Robert Sibbald ­ “I know it when I see it” – Justice Potter Stewart ­ Moving away from what can we do (fact driven) to the what should we do (values driven) ­ Ethicists: o Academic o Research ethicist o Clinical ethicist o + Combinations ­ State of accreditation o Canadian Bioethics Society o American Society for Bioethics and Humanities ­ Future of Bioethics o Vaccination Policy o Water fluoridation o Distribution of resource  Pandemic planning  Cancer drugs  Critical care beds o Health inequities o Obesity o Drugs/alcohol o Gambling o Wind farms ­ Range of OE Issue 1. Governance 2. End of Life 3. Priority setting (primarily budgeting) 4. Disclosure 5. Human Resource 6. Treatment of Uninsured 7. Fundraising 8. Business Development 9. Commercialization of Research Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Supply Interruptions ­ after FDAvisit, Sandoz had to slow production at one of their 10 factories in North America, later had a fire at same plant ­ Cons
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