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Lecture 20

Kinesiology 1070A/B Lecture 20: Self Presentation in Sport

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Western University
Kinesiology 1070A/B
Harry Prapavessis

December 2, 2016 SelfPresentation in Sport Selfpresentation, also called impression management) refers to the process by which individuals attempt to control the impressions others form of them. Public vs. Private SelfPresentation Maintenance of private self occurs entirely at the cognitive level (self is the audience) Maintenance of public self is always overt behaviour (others are the audience) Interest is only on factors that affect selfpresentations to others Primary Self Presentation Goals Selfpresentation may be used in three interrelated yet distinct ways o Maximise ones rewardcostratio social and material outcomes o Selfesteem enhancement and maintenance compliments vs. criticism o Development of identity create and maintain a particularly identity Leary and Kowalskis 2 component model 2 discrete processes, each of which operates according to different principles and is affected by different antecedents Impression Motivation: desire to create a particular impression Impression Construction: the kind of impression management tactics that are used to make the desired impression Leary Motivation to engage in sport (improve physical appearance) Peoples choice of sport (chose activities whether they can present favourability) Quality of the athletic performance (choking and social loafing) Emotional reaction from engaging in sport (competitive anxiety) Majority of research has focused on 2 individual difference variables grounded in selfpresentation theory 1. Selfhandicapping o A proactive attributional strategy that is sometimes used before performance to increase personal responsibility for success and decrease personal responsibility for failure. o Self handicapping behaviour Altering the amount or quality of practice Creating or exaggerating physical problems such as illness or injury Focusing on real or imagined character flaws 2. Social physique anxiety o Social Anxiety: want to make certain impression on others, but doubt they will be successful
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