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Lecture 6

Kinesiology 1080A/B Lecture 6: Information Processing...3-Stage Approach

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Western University
Kinesiology 1080A/B
Matthew Heath

March 6, 2017 Information Processing: 3Stage Approach The Simplified InformationProcessing Model Input The Human Output o Behaviourism poor way to understand the brain Why people choose to do things at certain times 3Stage Model of Information Processing All 3 stages perform separately to model work in a serial fashion A. Stimulus Identification Stage Stimulus Detection o External stimulus to neurological signals Pattern Recognition o Can be trained o Extracting patterns or features from environment stimuli to use of later stages ** Training pattern recognition can optimize performance in temporally demanding sports and occupations** Tom Brady o Watched hours of football game film so he can recognize patterns on the field in order to choose better plays B. Response Selection Stage One stimulus is identified, the appropriate action must be selected o E.g., to break to swerve to avoid a parked car Factors influencing response selection o Number of stimulus response alternatives Increasing the number of alternatives relevant to a response increases the time required to process and select an appropriate response o Stimulus compatibility Hicks law o Task Choice reaction time task The equation for a straight line can be adapted to compute an RT value in a choice RT task Choice RT = a + b[Lo2 (N)].. a and b are empirical constants Information Bit o A bit is defined as the amount of information required to reduce uncertainty by half
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