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Lecture 5

Kinesiology 1080A/B Lecture 5: Measurement, Interpretation and Evaluation of Motor Skill Performance

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Kinesiology 1080A/B
Matthew Heath

March 1 , 2017 Measurement, Interpretation and Evaluation of Motor Skill Performance Measuring Motor Behaviour Performance outcome Describing the movement Measuring activity of the central nervous system (CNS 1. Performance Outcome Measures of time and speed o Performer who can accomplish an action in a given time is more efficient 1. Reaction time: RT The interval between the onset of a signal (stimulus) and the initiation of a response o Reaction Time tasks Simple reaction time (SRT) Choice reaction time (CRT) Discriminant reaction time (DRT) aka go no go reaction time Go signal: could be visual, auditory or haptic overt stimulus Reaction time: no observable movement CNS is planning movement Movement time: one movement begins Randomized foreperiod: randomized time between warming signal and go signal prevent people from anticipating go signal (50025000ms) SRT: RT around 210ms identify program response CRT: go to specific effectors (blue light middle finger) no idea which light is coming on RT around 500ms identify select response program response DRT: three stimuli but only one response only press button when appropriate light has come on around 350ms o Response suppression inhibit response when wrong light comes on o Prefrontal cortex involved in correct response inhibits unwanted response o Performs well on DRT o Persons with Schizophrenia make lots of mistake in DRT
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