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Kinesiology 1080A/B

Brain structure – Picture - extrafusal muscle – causes a contraction - intrafusal muscle – muscle spindles – monitor stretch in muscle - extra – produce movement based on command from CNS What is Psycho-motor learning? - Motor learning – a set of internal processes associated with practice or experience leading to a relatively permanent gain in performance capability o Performance benefit – transient - temporary o Learning benefit – relatively permanent gain - Motor control – an area of study dealing with the understanding of the neural, physical and behavioural aspects of movement o How the central nevrious systems allow to perform a task Psychology - The brain is a computer; the serial nature of information processing - Memory for different tasks; motor tasks versus cognitive tasks - Richard Shiffrin – memory for con and motor are distinct from one another – research in 60s/70s o “multimodal system of memory” Engineering - Arthur Melton o Pilots can be selected based on specific individual abilities - Paul Fitts o Too many air plane accidents the result of faulty human/machine interface o Forefather of the field on ergonomics o How we process information influences our interactions with machines and computers o
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