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Kinesiology 1088A Lecture Notes for Term 1

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Kinesiology 1080A/B
Bob Larose

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The university of western ontario Kinesiology 1088A Lecture NotesVince HuynhSport PsychologyObjectives Psychological factors effects on individuals physical performance in sport and exercise Example anxiety how does it affect you Foul line shot with people distracting you how does it affect youParticipation in sport has its influences on individual psychological development health and wellbeingTo understand via description explanation and prediction of behavior and performance of individualgroups in sport and exercise Carron 1980Example Nervous and tense muscles in sport and exercise compromises skill explain what we saw and why Can we predict what we can do about itPeople can be classified with behaviorBehaviora unique way in responding to a stimuli at a particular time Example Home crowd is booing you how will you respond Performancegoal discrete behavior for purpose of short term execution of discrete task Continuous and always changingOrientation Behavioralbehavior of athletes determined by the environmentExample hot humidathletes hands get sweaty and prevents them from catching the ballenvironmental perspectivesPsychologicalstudy of impact of physiological responses to activity in behaviorCognitivebehavioralbehavior determined by both environment and cognition feelings and thoughts Example feeling good about work affects what occurswhat actually thinking Professional Approaches Clinical counselingExample gymnast ends up with eating disorder Crisis Intervention Slumpbusting Example batting streak ends then coldstreak begins Psychological Assessment Example before player is drafted must be tested for thinking patterns how will they fit in the team Performance Enhancement Consultation and Program Development Prevention and Treatment of Injuries Sport Psychologists VS Sport Consultant Psychologistshave a degree in medicine can prescribe drugsConsultants does not have medicinal degree can give advice in how to enhance gameplay What is Sport Psychology We learn via Visual Actuality Experiential Comes from the head Negative thoughts effect performance HabitsEnvironment and mental preparation may have changedathletes behavior changes Example Cute girl sitting in standsdraws your focus away from the game to her and therefore the behavior of the athlete alters Example Klobs Learning CycleMethodsWays of Knowing Scientific MethodExperiments Example Having rat go through maze to find pellet Systematic ObservationExample Social Media Cellphones Facebook Twitter or physically watching ones performance Single Case Study Example singling out an individualDetermines how person deals with a particular stimuli ie Stress and what is the outcome Example player utilized anger against bad call by referee Shared Public Experience Example asking for others experiences and results Introspection Example Thoughts and feelingsHow do you respond to the big game How will you respond in the future Intuition Example TACIT KNOWLEDGE Youve got a pretty good idea or it just feels right to do so Ways of Knowing In Sport Psychology Any systematic study of sport psychology should include the following stagesObservation and Description What is Identify and define essential characteristicsTechniques this happens when I JumpServing Sequence Explanation and Analysis Why Attempts to provide reasons for findings in stage 1 Why was my pitch off when I didnt lift my leg Prediction What will be Use knowledge detained to predict future if I do this there is a good chance this will happen Control How can we What can we control change the behavior and performance Same person doing teaching so primary relationship is not influenced In order to max method we go through the process Scientific Method Based on objectivity Lack of bias detached observers and manipulators of natureGenerates reliable results Example when people cannot generate correct answers what occurs Processmethod of learning that uses systematic controlled empirical and critical filtering of knowledge acquired via experience Example using experience to learnif this was successful how can I improve itif unsuccessful how can I avoid do so yelling screaming will not work 6 Steps of the Scientific Method Formulate scientific hypothesis Design of investigation Example time required for rat to complete mazeThe more we do it the faster time Accumulate Data Classify Data Certain people fit in certain parameters Development of generalization
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