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Kinesiology 1088A Lecture Notes for Term 2

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Kinesiology 1080A/B
Bob Larose

THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO Kinesiology 1088A Lecture Notes 2Vince HuynhPhysiological Skills Training PST Chapter 11Enhance psychological aspectDefinition systematic and consistent practice of mental or psychological skillso Example to be more psychologically preparedPsychological skills are no difference then physical skills o Can be learned with practice and integrated into training routine o Example develop coping skill learn then practice regularlyPsychological factors account for most day to day fluctuation in performance Myths o Psychological skills are innate cant be learned o Only for problem athletes o Only effective for elite athletes better for beginner athletes actually o Provide quick fix solutions o Not usefulhocus pocusComponents of PST Programs 1 Evaluation Phase a Learn nature and basis of skill and understand how influence performancei Example developing psychological skill before serve 2 Acquisition Phase a Situated training program to develop skill and techniques 3 Practice Phase a Integrate skill development into practice and competition settings i Example What am I going to do when running this race ii Example important focus is on arc of ball shooting technique of ball bounces of ballHelp make sporting experience fun and help everyone meet needsPST Program o WhoSport psychology consultantCoach seminars then return to teach most effective for high schools o WhenPreSeason or OffSeason36 month durationOngoing process integrated into practices o Needs AssessmentEvaluate strength and weaknessesOral interview and psych interventions p 262Performance profiling p 261Identify top player and listing certain characteristics then coming to terms with oneself o Example This is what is required of me to take over this position o WhatWhich skill should we includeScheduling when and howEvaluation and follow up look at statistics o ProblemsLack of connection mythsLack of timeLack of knowledge do not know howLack of followup program dissipates 1 Psychological Skills Initial Focus 2 Psychological Method Secondary FocusPsychological Skills o Personal qualities to be attained or developed Example target behavior o Performance skillsOptimal arousal mental physicalAttention control making sure serves get in o Foundation SkillsSelfconfidenceMotivationSelfesteem o Facilitative Skills Personal Development SkillsInterpersonal relationsLifestyle management o Prideskillprocessmethod Psychological Method o Procedurestechniques used to develop psychological skillsExample Vehicle bringing you to destination uses other SKILLSExample I get on bus vehicle to get to destination is the methodGoal settingRelaxationImageryThought processAttributionPresence of Others as a Motivationo Others are spectators or audience observersCoactors others doing same taskRivals 1 Social Facilitation Theory ZajoncMore presence of others will increase arousal levels and cause a response to occur faster or more intensely Example more peoplechange other cofactors anxiety speeds up o Increased arousal will increase likelihood that an individuals DOMINANT response will occurOptimal performance is good o Simple well learned skills correct responses and improved performance occur in presence of others o In complex or newly learned skills the dominant response may be incorrect old or bad habits and performance will be impaired in the presence of othersIncite old bad habits or maintain optimal levels
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