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Lecture 16

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Western University
Kinesiology 1080A/B
Matthew Heath

Lecture 16February 12Feedback ControlImportant Terms1Innervationthe distribution of nerves to a part of the body 2Innervation Ratiothe number of muscle fiber innervation by a single alpha motorneurons can vary from a few to over a thousand 3Extrafusal Fiberspower producing muscle fibers external with respect to muscle spindles movement production4Intrafusal fibersmuscle fibers inside of the muscle spindles innervated by a special system of fusimotor neuronsgamma motor neuronsaThese run parallel to the extrafusal muscles fibersbOn guard for stretch of a muscle if you think of walking down a path and slip with your left leg and that stretch alerts the spinal cord to allow you to counteract that threat on your postureHigh stressintense drive that gets sent to the gamma motor neurons Motor Neurons and Motor Unit Alpha motor neurona neuron innervating power producing extrafusal muscle fiber Motor Unitalpha motor neuron and all the muscles it innervates a unit of force production in skeletal muscles of muscle fibers associated with a motor unit ranges from 10 eye to thousands back musculatureSensory information leaves via the dorsal root ganglia Golgi tendon organtension or prevent too much force being developedoCompetitors have learned to ignore these alerts of using too much force that the muscle is under oIf they ignore the GTO they are using all your alpha motor neurons oexperience of magnis
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