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04 - The Scientific Method

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Western University
Kinesiology 1080A/B
Matthew Heath

Measurement Interpretation and Evaluation of Motor Skill PerformanceMeasuring Motor BehaviourThere are three levels of analyses1 Performance Outcome2 Describing the movement3 Measuring activity of the central nervous systemPerformance OutcomeMeasures of Time and SpeedPerformers who can accomplish an action in a given time are more efficient I Reaction TimeResponse Latency The speed at which you can detect stimulusResponse programmingReaction Time tasksoSimple Reaction Time SRToChoice Reaction Time CRToDiscriminant Reaction Time DRTReaction TimeMovement TimeTotal Response Time In order to get a pure measure of reaction time you vary the foreperiod to prevent anticipationSimple RT One stimulus one response leads to a pure measure of stimulus identification around 210 ms not high level controlChoice RT Multiple stimuli multiple responses leads to a slower response because you have to identify and make a cognitive decision in terms of what colour turned on and finally deciding the appropriate response topdown cognitive control in frontal lobe Damage to frontal lobelonger choice reaction time approx 600 ms response timeDiscriminant RT Multiple stimuli only one response have to inhibit other responses400 ms response timeTopdown cognitive control in frontal lobeCant perform if there is damage to frontal lobeThose with scitzophrenia autism or frontal lobe lesions will have problems with inhibitory control and cannot inhibit a response They will left their finger when any of the lights come onThe number of errors made will provide an index of ones inhibitory controlPremotor Reaction Time
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