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Kinesiology 1080A/B
Matthew Heath

The Nervous SystemPyramidal TractComposed of a million fibers and allows for descending motor controlInformation from M1 SMA PMA and parietal cortex enter the spinal cord via the pyramidal tractInterphase either directly or indirectly with alpha motor neuronsIf connection is directmonosynaptic connectionIf connection is indirectmediate by a interneuron same level in spinal cord as alpha motor neuron it will synapse with or b proprial spinal neuron allows for the connection of a neuron from the pyramidal tract and alpha motor neuron at a different level in the spinal cord connects different segmentsComprised of the corticobulbar tract and corticospinal tractCorticobulbar TractCorticobulbar fibers extend from the motor cortex M1 to the bulb the brain stemMotor neuron activity organized by cerebral cortexControl facial musculature and muscles of mastication Contains upper and lower motor neurons neuron on M1 and alpha motor neuronTerminates at the brain stem monosynaptic connectionFacial nucleus is divided into rostral innervates forehead and caudal innervates mouth partsRostral part innervated bilaterally both sidesCaudal part innervated from contralateral cortexTumor on left upper motor neurons leads to asymmetrical innervation of lower facial musculature paralysis on contralesional side Lower motor neuronal injury injury to alpha motor neuron leads to complete paralysis on one full side of the faceCorticospinal TractVentral Corticospinal TractOriginates from M1 and SMA and PMALong axons descend uncrossed ipsilateral connection in ventral columns of the spinal cord forming ventral corticospinal tract
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