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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Continued from Sept 13, 2010 lecture Ways of knowing in sport psychology Any systematic study of a sport psychology should include the following stages: 1) Observation & description (what is it) -identify or define the essential characteristics 2) Explanation & Analysis (why) – attempt to provide reason for the findings in stage 1 3) Prediction (what will be) – use the knowledge obtained to predict future occurrences 4) Control (how can we) – what we can control to change the behaviour or performance Scientific Method Founded on the concept of objectivity (lack of bias – researchers are detached observers and manipulators of nature) It is a process or method of learning that uses systematic, controlled, empirical and critical filtering of knowledge acquired through experience Six Steps of Scientific Method: 1) Formulation of a specific hypothesis 2) Design of the investigation 3) Accumulation of data 4) Classification of data 5) Development of generalizations 6) Verification of results These steps provide scientists with a way of collecting reliable and valid (internal) data that can then be used to develop generalizable theories and laws of human behaviour. However this is a slow on conservative process that often lacks external validity (practicality). Professional Practice Knowledge - Holistic and experiential (takes as a whole, instead of breaking down) o Guided trial and error learning and reflecting the complex interplay of many factors - It is often innovative and immediately applicable but less reliable and susceptible to bias (can apply to one athlete, but not the other) - Biggest difference is the central and active role of the researcher in the process of knowing (within the research rather than a neutral, outside observer) Pre-eminence of Tactic Knowledge - A process of interference and intuit
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