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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Reinforcement Definition: any personal attraction (evaluative comments or reactions) that will increase the occurrence or strength of behaviour Positive reinforcement - introduction of something that increases or maintains a response Negative reinforcement - removal of something noxious that increases or maintains a response Punishment – any interaction that decreases the strength of behaviour (is a motivator)  Maximizing the use of punishment – if used  Consistency – punish everyone for the same misdemeanour  Punish the behaviour, not the person  Allow input in what is the punishment (allow the team/group to have input)  Don’t use physical activity as punishment (running lap – want to enhance physical activity, not relate it with a negative reinforce)  Impose punishment impersonally  Make sure the punishment isn’t perceived at reward or attention  Don’t punish errors during play  Don’t embarrass players in front of teammates (remove them from the scene)  Use punishment sparingly but enforce it when you use it Too often we teach to avoid punishment but don’t teach correct alternative behaviours Social Reinforcement – non-tangible, positive, negative, evaluative comments and reactions made by others  Can be presented through either: a
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