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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Special Communication Situations: 1. Confrontation – face to face discussion between two people in conflict a. When used properly it can “clear the air” b. Examine the problem or behaviour c. If used – don’t use when angry (count to 10) d. Provide specific info or instructions e. Don’t attack character or personality f. Identify exact feelings g. Think about consequences h. Empathize – put yourself in the other persons place i. Understand – clarify facts, ask direct questions, don’t judge j. Be tentative – proceed gradually 2. Criticism a. Use the sandwich approach i. Positive statement ii. Future oriented instruction iii. A compliment  Want to be clear in what you are sending and what you are receiving Group Dynamics: - A term used to depict the vitality and changing nature of groups and to identify the field of study that focuses on behaviour of groups - Next to a family a sports team may be the most influential group to which an individual belongs – it has an extremely strong socializing impact Difference in group and team: Group – two or more people who interact with and influence each other (pg. 160) Team – special type of group; have four key characteristics: 1) Collective sense of identity 2) Distinctive roles 3) Structured modes of communication 4) Norms – social rules that guide members what to do and what not to do A sports team offers an ideal setting for research on group dynamics because: - Its natural not laboratory setting - It can hold constant (size, rules of conduct, ect.) - It provides an ideal context for studying cooperation, competition and conflict - Through its multitudes of statistics, it offers many objective measures of group effectiveness - Groups are not necessarily a team Definition of spo
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