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Group Effectiveness: Steiner’s Model Actual Productivity = Potential Productivity – losses due to faulty group processes  Potential productivity – based on group’s resources (ability, skill, training, equipment)  Losses – process loses (faulty communication, coordination and reduced motivation Conceptual Framework (Carron, 1988) A simple linear model attempting to depict a complex and dynamic phenomenon Member attributes Group products Group structure – group cohesion – group processes Group environment Individual products Inputs Throughputs Outputs Inputs: - Member attributes o Physical, psychosocial, variability, comparability - Group Environment o Task, location, size o Can include: number on team, number dressed for competition, number in action unit, number in the social unit o What is the ideal size for optimal productivity, morale, cohesion, satisfaction, or other outcomes? o Potential productivity (resources) eventually plateaus o As size increases, it is more difficult to interact, communicate, plan or coordinate and participation effort and responsibility declines Throughputs: - Group structure o Positions, status, roles/norms**  Role –
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