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October 6, 2010 Group Cohesion Definition 1: • The result of all forces acting on members to remain in the group (1951) Definition 2: • Resistance of the group to disruptive forces (1952) - Dynamic processes reflected in the tendency for a group to attract members, stick together, and remain united in the pursuit of its goals and/or the satisfaction of it’s members (Carron et al. 1988) Fundamental Characteristics 1. Multidimensional – numerous factors cause groups to stick together 2. Dynamic – can change over time 3. Instrumental – groups stick together for task purposes (to achieve common goals and objectives) 4. Affective – groups stick together because members like/enjoy each others company (social attraction) Conceptual Model of Cohesion (in Textbook) - Environmental/Situational Factors  Contractual, eligibility, transfer, geographical boundaries  Normative/social pressures on a quitter  Organizational orientation (goals, strategies, maturity, sex, age, etc.)  Group size – moderately sized groups are the best from both a task and social perspective  Geography (physical and functional proximity) October 6, 2010 - Personal Factors  Variable (demographics, cognitions, behaviours)  Similarity (shared attributes – personality, sex, background)  S
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