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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Conceptual model for measuring group cohesion: Group Cohesion Group Integration Individual attractions to group Task Social Task Social 1) Group integration – task (team going for goal) 2) Group integration - social (teammates do not stick together outside of practice/games 3) Individual attraction to the group – task ( I do not like the style of play on this team) 4) Individual attraction to the social group – social (some of my best friends are on this team) Leadership: Definition: A behavioural process of influencing individuals and groups toward set goals Leaders not only provide a vision of what to strive for but also give the structure, motivation and support to translate the vision into reality Two Types: - Prescribed and emergent (later tend to be more effective – respect and support of group) Two functions: - Ensure demands of the organization are satisfied (meet goals and objects ) - Ensure the needs of the group members are satisfied (max opportunity to achieve success) *Leaders are different from managers or instructors (pg. 207) - First looked at leadersh
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