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Western University
Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Exercise Adherence – Chapter 18  Adherence is close to cohesion Adherence: sticking together or faithfully conforming to a standard of behaviour in order to meet some goal Benefits of Exercise:  Mortality/Longevity o All-cause mortality rates have been found to be lowest in the most fit individuals o Regular exercise can slow, and in some cases reverse, functional losses associated with aging  Increase strength and functional capacity  Reduce probability of falling o Only 18% of women and 33% of men over 65 years of age are categorized as being active  Physical/Physiological o Weight control o Decreases resting heart rate  Lower resting heart rate, the longer you live o Improves Max VO (pu2monary efficiency) o Prevents high blood pressure o Reduces coronary heart disease risk o Decreases body fat percentage o Maintains bone density  Cognitive o Chronic exercise has been shown to improve cognitive functioning in high school students and adults  Memory, academic achievement  Psychological – “sound body, sound mind” o Decreased stress o Decreased anxiety o Decreased depression o Improved mood o Impro
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