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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Group Goal Setting - Attainment of specific standards of group (not individual) proficiency within a specified time or event - Practice – usually process oriented focusing on effort - Game –more focused on outcome sand implementation of specific skills and strategies As a leader: a) Involve all participants in the formulation of group goals (commitment) b) Strive for consensus – work for compromise – facilitate don’t distract c) Decide on strategies to achieve goals including levels of effort, commitment, behaviour and consequences d) Publicly post goals and update/evaluate process regularly (each week or after each practice) SMARTS goals S –specific M – measurable/quantifiable A – action oriented R – realistic/achievable T – timely (reasonable time) S – self-determined (input) Presence of Others as a Motivator Others – spectators or audience (observers) - Cofactors (others doing the same task – rivals) a) Social Facilitation Theory (Zajonc, 1965) a. The mere presence of others serves to increase arousal levels and cause a response to occur faster or more intensely i. Increased arousal will increase the like likelihood that an individual’s DOMINANT response will occur ii. In simple, well learned skills, correct responses and improved performance occurs in the presence of others iii. In complex or newly learned skills, the dominant response may be incorrect (old or bad habits) and performance will be impaired by the presence of others b) Evaluation Appr
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