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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

2. Breath Control Breathing is usually automatic and spontaneous (autonomic) but you can take control of your breathing pattern and direct your breathing response When anxiety or fright triggers a biological alarm response, the normal pattern of breathing changes – sharp inhale and hold breath rather than rhythmical exhale You must first recognize that your breathing response has changed and then do something about it (self- monitoring) Breathing Control Strategy 1. Inhale – slowly count to 4, fill lower abdomen (not chest) using diaphragm 2. Pause momentarily with full breath 3. Exhale slowly – count to 8, long/loud sigh 4. Do 3 or 4 slow breaths in a row while sensing a relaxed feeling wash over your body as tension dissipates 3. Other Immediate Coping Techniques  Attention Control Training  Centering  Mental Rehearsal (Imagery) 4. On-site relaxation a. Self-monitoring of somatic tension levels b. SMILE – takes the edge off tension (relax jaw, neck, hands) c. Have FUN – enjoy the experience, look forward to the activity d. Practice stressful situations (simulate pressure) e. Take your time – slow down the pace, maintain regular routines f. Stay focused on/in the present – leave last play behind, forget about “what happens if?” g. Have a game plan – easier decision making, scouting & spotting opponents 5. Arousal Induction  Consciously increase breathing rate  Act energized  Positive self-talk  Energizing music  Arousing imagery  Warm up/workout Incentive Motivation Definition: the value attached to the possible outcomes
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