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Bob Larose

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Imagery for Performance Enhancement “Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Einstein Defintion: “Imagery is an experience that mimics real experience. We can be aware of seeing an image, feeling movements as an image, or experiencing an image or smell, tastes, or sounds without actually experiencing the real thing… it differs from dreams in that we are awake and conscious when we form and image.” Related Terms: - Visualization - Mental rehearsal - Mental practice - Visuomotor training 2 main types: 1) Visual - seeing self-practice in a movement 2) Kinaesthetic – feel a particular movement Multi-sensory imagery - Visual - Kina - Auditory - Tactile - Olfactory - Can also recreate: o Emotional feelings and moods Imagery Ability - Innate potential to create images in our mind, but differ in our ability to do so - Measured by: o VMIQ, and MIQ Properties Vividness: - Ability to produce vibrant images Controllability - Persistent but only for the time needed - Operations (completion, scanning, transformations) Exactness of Reference: - Accurately depict wha
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