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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Exercises 1) Shifting attention a. Focus on and label specific sights and sounds of current environment b. Let them blend together so can’t distinguish any specific one 2) Maintain focus a. Hold object of sport and study/manipulate it in great detail b. Put it down and time how long can focus on that object (quiet then with demonstrators) 3) Search for relevant cues a. Scan to pick out cues b. Example; number grid 4) Rehearse game concentration a. Imagery, visualization, mental rehearsal b. Combine with relaxation techniques Attribution – Analysis of Outcome (Ch.3) Outcome – the result of an event that is interpreted as either a success or failure Analysis – the use of previous experience, expectations, perceptions and the impact of external facotes to assess an outcome Attribution – the cause of explanation given to an outcome Outcome  Post Event Event The attribution process Attribution or explanation Motivation for subsequent participation  Pride/shame; future expectations Results of Attributions: - Pride or shame (causality) - Satisfa
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