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Western University
Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Results of various attributions 1) Positive outcomes perceived to be the result of internal factors provide pride and satisfaction 2) Negative outcomes perceived to the be the result of internal factors produce shame and dissatisfaction 3) Positive outcomes perceived to be the result of stable factors produce the greatest expectancy for future success 4) Negative outcome perceived to be the result of stable factors produce lower expectancies for future success 5) Mastery-oriented children who attribute failure to unstable factors react with renewed effort, persistence and dedication (cause is lack of effort) 6) Those who attribute failure to stable factors react with less effort and persistence and end up dropping out (lack of ability, can’t overcome deficiencies) = Learned Helplessness Learned Helplessness - LH is an acquired belief that you are incompetent - Result of continual negative feedback from significant others about a specific aspect(s) of performance or behaviour - Doesn’t occur if generally negative about a number of aspects - Specific feedback is perceived to be a true judgement of ability Variations in attributions occur according to: 1) Gender – males differ from females on: i. Types of attributions following success and failure ii. Amount of pride/shame experienced iii. Expectancies for future performance Females: less competitive, more cooperative, have lower attributions to ability, have lower expectancies for future success, have stronger belief in the need for effort vs. natural ability, endorse luck for almost all outcomes (less responsibility but also less sati
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