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Kinesiology - Chapter 3 Motivation

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Western University
Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology Textbook: Foundation of sport and exercise psychology (5 Edition) Mid-Term October 19 th Objectives in Sport and Exercise Psychology  Obtain an understanding through description, explanation and prediction of behaviour and performance of individuals or groups in sport and exercise  Behaviour: a unique way of responding to all stimuli  Performance: goal directed behaviour for the purpose of short term execution of a discrete task  Behavioural: behaviour of athletes determined by the environment  Psychophysiological: study impact of physiological responses to activity on behaviour  Cognitive-Behavioural: Behaviour determined by one’s interpretation of both environment and cognitions (thoughts) o Your interpretation of your environment Professional Approaches  Clinical Counselling: eating disorders o Athletes need to maintain a certain physique  Crisis Intervention: “slumpbusting” o Ex: going 0 for 15 in baseball and wants to get a hit  Psychological assessment o How does one know that an athlete is suffering from anxiety  Performance enhancement  Consultation and Program Development  Prevention and Treatment of Injuries Sport Psychologist  Help athletes with drug abuse, suicide depression and medical illnesses Consultant  Not prepared to handle with medal issues Kolb’s Learning Cycle 1. Concrete Experience (CE) (Actual – Feeling) a. Sitting here, listening writing notes 2. Reflective Observation (RO) (watching what happened) a. Prof was great, real insightful information 3. Abstract Conceptualization (AC) (make sense of it – thinking) a. Studying, set up review notes and review groups 4. Active Experimentation (AE) (Try out elsewhere – doing) a. Comes when writing on mid-term exam and progresses with concrete experience 5. Go back to #1 Methods/ Ways of Knowing  Scientific Method/Experiments  Systematic Observation  Single Case Study  Shared Public Experience  Introspection (thoughts/ feelings) o Gain knowledge by reflecting  Intuition (tacit knowledge) o Seems like it’s logical Ways of Knowing in Sport Psychology Any systematic study of sport psychology should include the following stages: 1. Observation and Description (what is)
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