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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

The Practice Session as a Motivator The Practice Session as a Motivator 1. Increased motivation can be achieved through the introduction of Variety or Novelty during practice a. There is a need to habituate skills and techniques for optimum performance or behaviour b. At some point, routine and repetition becomes boring c. So: we need to teach or repeat the same skill but with a variation in drills 2. Motivation can be enhanced by changing practice routines a. Order or sequence of practice segments can be altered b. Change players position or responsibilities for a portion of practice (also generates appreciations for roles of others) c. Alter rules or adapt games to meet specific needs (i.e. focus on particular skills or strategies for all or part of the practice) – change the rules so that some people can focus on a better skill better, ie removal of a timer so that they don’t get pressured d. BUT: don’t chance just for sake (maintain some specific goal direction and explain the reason for change(s) to the participants(s) 3. Motivation can be enhanced simply by providing special attention to the participant(s) – a captain who always leads a cheer, but now have someone do it (have them at centre stage) a. Hawthrone Effect (1939)  Purpose – to examine the influence of different aspects of the work environment on productivity and moral  Conditions in the Hawthorne plant were systematically altered (changed lighting & ventilation) – open a window during a nice day to let in a spring breeze, did things to make the workplace better  Changes produced an increase in productivity (regardless of what was changed, productivity increased) – it didn’t matter what he changed, regardless of lighting or music, productivity went up  Conclusion – it wasn’t the changes made as much as the special attention that was given to the employees that influenced productivity – this applies to sport and practice (if we give special attention to certain people during practice, ie putting people who are usually on the bench or don’t have the spotlight, get the special attention or in the front line during practice, which motivates them and makes them rise to the occasion, usually) Other research support for the effects of change and variety in practice sessions 1. Stimulus Seeking  Humans exhibit needs beyond the satisfaction of basic physiologica
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