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Western University
Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Chapter 7Group Dynamics thOctober 5 Group DynamicsA term used to depict the vitality and changing nature of groups and to identify the field of study that focuses on the behaviour of groups Next to a family a sports team may be the most influential group to which an individual belongsit has an extremely strong socializing impact A sports team offers an ideal setting for research on group dynamics becauseIt is natural not a laboratory settingIt can hold constant many confound variable size rules of conduct etcIt provides an ideal context for studying cooperation competition and conflictThrough its multitude of statistics it offers many objective measures of group effectivenessGroups are not necessarily a team Definition of a sports teamA collection of two or more individualsA common identityCommon goalsobjectivesStructured patterns of interaction and modes of communicationCommon perceptions about group structureAre interpersonal personal or taskInterpersonal attractionConsider themselves a group How does a group become a teamFour stage developmental sequence that a group moves through to form a team LINEAR PERSPECTIVE
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