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Nov 12th&14th16th - Self Confidence as a Motivator.docx

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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Self Confidence as a Motivator thNovember 12 It is possible to have either too much or too little confidence Definitions SelfConfidenceA general feeling of mastery personality traitBelief you can successfully perform a task Selfefficacy Bandura 1977Confidence in specific situation not necessarily confident in all situations stateThe strength of an individuals conviction that heshe can successfully execute a behaviour perform task or handle a situation to produce a desired resultSelfefficacy combines with an incentive to succeedthe ability to succeed to produce a successful performance Sport confidence Vealey 1986Belief by an athlete that they possess the ability to be successful in sport A Selfefficacy influences the degree of effort and persistence given to a task and thus effects the performance of that task Example Weinberg 1979 leg extension enduranceo Test subjects in direct competition with another persono Manipulated selfefficacy by saying other was a a track athlete or b a postknee surgery rehab subject o Given two trials and told lost the first one o Performance differences were maximized after a failure situation more or less effortpersistenceA Selfefficacy is both a cause and an effect of performance Example Feltz 1982tested female college students on a backward dive performance and evaluated approachavoidance tendenciesIf did first dive successfullyhigher selfefficacy and future performanceIf didntlower selfefficacyavoidance of future attemptsConfidence leads to success and success leads to confidence alter stronger due to recent performance success
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