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Lecture 1 the first lecture we had "Objectives of sport and Exercise Psychology"

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Robert La Rose

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September 13, 2010 Kinesiology – Lecture 1 *Read Chapter 1 for next lecture* Objectives of sport and Exercise Psychology a) How psychological factors effect our performance b) Consider how participation in sport and exercise effects an individuals psychological development, health, and well being Comprehensive objective ( carron 1980) To obtain an understanding (through description, explanation, & prediction) of the BEHAVIOUR and performance of individuals in sport and exercise. BEHAVIOUR = a unique way of responding to ALL stimuli. PERFORMANCE = goal- directed behaviour for the purpose of a short term execution of a discrete task. Orientations to Sport and Exercise Psychology 1) BEHAVIOURAL: behaviour of athletes determined by the environmnet. 2) PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL: Study impact of physiological responses to activity on behaviour. 3) COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOURAL: Behaviour determined by ones interpretation of both environment and cognitions (thoughts) Professional Approaches  Clinical counselling: eating disorders  Crisis Interventions: “slumpbusting”  Psychological Assessment  Performance Enhancement  Consultaion & Program development  Prevention & treatment of injuries Sport Psychologist VS. Sport Consultant SPORT PSYCHOLOGY – WHAT IS IT?  If we want to understand human BEHAVIOUR and PERFORMANCE in sport and exercise, how do we go about studying them and what factors should be included in the study? September 13, 2010 HOW DO WE LEARN? visual – gotta see it Auditory – gotta hear it experiantial – gotta do the action KOLBS LEARNING CYCLE –eg1 1) Concrete Experience (CE) – actual experience 2) Reflective Observation (RO) – think about what happened 3) Abstract Conceptualizatoin (AC) – make sense of it) 4) Active Expperimentation (AE) – try out elsewhere) METHODS / WAYS OF KNOWING –eg2 Scientific method / Experiments Systematic Observation – one person does it this way, another does it this way, still succeeds Single Case Study – take one person see how he did it and apply it to someone else see if they can do it. Shared Public Experience – best of the few ways Introspection (thoughts/ Feelings) Intuition (tactic Knowledge) Ways of knowing in sport Psychology Any systematic study of sport psychology should include the following stages: 1. Observations & Description ( what is) - Identify or define the essential characteristics. 2. Explanation & Analysis (why?) - Attempt to provide reason for the findings in stage 1 3. Prediction (what will be) - Use the knowledge obtained to predict future occurrences 4. Control (how can we?) - What can we control to change the behavior or performance? Scientific Method -Founded on the concept of Objectivity
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