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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Kolbs Learning Cycle Lecture 2 2013-10-01 Any systematic study of sports psychology should indicate the following stages: 1. Observation and description i. Identify or define the essential characteristics 2. Explanation and analysis i. 3. Prediction i. What will be? Us the knowledge obtained to predict occurrences 4. Control i. How can we? ii. What can we control to change the performance? Scientific Method (Ex. Chem labs) Founded on the concept of Objectivity (lack of bias – researchers are detached observers and manipulators of nature) It is a process or method of learning that uses systematic, controlled, empirical and critical filtering of knowledge acquired through experience Six STEPS of the Scientific Method 1. Formulation of a specific Hypothesis 2. Design of the investigation (testing hypothesis) 3. Accumulation of DATA 4. Classification of data 5. Development of generalizations 6. Verification of results These steps provide scientists with a way of collecting reliable and valid (internal data that can be used to determine theories and laws of human behavior. --This process is slow and lacks external validity (practically) PRO Practice Knowledge Holistic and Experiential (the BIG PICTURE)  Guided trail and error learning reflecting the complex interplay of many factors Innovative and immediately (less reliable and susceptible to bias) The difference between both is the central and active role of the researcher in the process of knowing (within the research rather than a neutral, outside observer)  Pre eminence of Tactic Knowledge o A process of intuition that gives clues into meaning  Subsidiary awareness of certain clues o We know but we cant explain o Se
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