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Lecture 3

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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Tokens (Rewards) Lecture 3 Sept. 13 Rewards used to motivate Rewards: “things” used to modify or manipulate behavior (material rewards) Reinforcement: personal interactions = verbal and non verbal Token Rewards-also known as:  Behavior modification  Operant conditioning  Token Economies  **Contingency Management** o Contingency = Relationship between a behavior and its consequence o Contingency Management: The regulation of behavior by use of tokens (rewards) to influence or alter outcomes Examples of taken rewards: Trophies/Food/Stars/Money etc. Undesirable behaviors can be eliminated through use of token rewards, which includes: Complaining, lacking participation, attitudes etc.  Public display (public recognition)  Intensity within the team (competition) Desirable behaviors can be enhanced through the use token rewards  Improve supportive and good communication and increase shooting (BB)  Point system for incidents and success in practice (more positive words) Token rewards have a spill over effect on non-target behaviors  Improving skills at “camps” ex. Basketball Camp  Rewards improve motivation Other observed spill over effects from the research  Satisfaction and enjoyment  Attendance and promptness (provides an incentive to be there and show up)  Interest and attitudes  Conformance to rules (punishments based on rules of team)  Social interaction with coach (better relationship, realizing the help that is being put out)  Statements of approval – less complaining (compliments) Token rewards can be used to improve individual skills and or task performance- not just used to change behaviors Guidelines 1. Target only a couple behaviors/skills/tasks and define/explain them in readily observable terms 1 9:55 PM Tokens (Rewards) Lecture 3
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