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Western University
Kinesiology 1088A/B

Webct – information and marks Friday Oct 22 – midterm exam 6 lab assignments, all given on the web - hard copy to kin undergrad office, in 3M centre – late deduct 1% per day Each worth 3%, best 5 out of 6 – total 15% of final grade Midterm 35%, Exam – 50% Objectives of sport and exercise psych- a) Consider how psych factors effect an individual’s physical performance in sport and exercise a. Things you can do to enhance your performance – mentally b) Consider how participation in sport and exercise effects an individual’s psych development, health and well being a. What does that performance do to make us more prepared? Comprehensive objective – to obtain an understanding (through description, explanation, and prediction) of the BEHAVIOUR and PERFORMANCE of individuals in sport and exercise. Behaviour – a unique was of responding to all stimuli (based on weather, people, venue, ect.) Performance – goal directed behaviour for the purpose of short term execution of a discrete task (tends to vary) Orientations to sport and exercise psych: 1) Behaviour: behaviour of all athletes determined by the environment – depending on sporting environment will affect how you perform 2) Psychophysiological: study of impact of psychological responses to activity on behaviour – based more on the physi
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