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Kinesiology 1088A/B

Continued from September 20 c) Be administered immediately and consistently among all participants d) Be given for demonstrating good effort toward the target behaviour or performance of a skill e) Allow for mistakes in overall performance f) Reward appropriate social and emotional responses g) Be used to maintain skills already developed by continuing to reinforce correct performance – don’t just focus on incorrect or negative behaviour Distribution of reinforcement and punishment for effective coaching and teaching (Kauss, 1980) Procedures for developing and maintaining specific performances or behaviours: 1) Shaping - reinforcement of successively closer approximations of the terminal (final) performance of behaviour a. How to Shape: i. Determine present ability level ii. Identify steps or stages of the skill to be learned iii. Identify appropriate reinforcers iv. Clarify the terminal level of skill, performance or behaviour v. Start with the most important stages that can be accomplished successfully and provide appropriate positive reinforcement vi. Selectively reinforce behaviour or skill execution that is increasingly similar to the terminal behaviour vii. Then being to fill in the missing parts of identified skill – not a sequential process (ex: riding a bike – balance – steering – peddling – stopping) 2) Chaining – successive reinforcement of the component parts or segments of a skill or behaviour a. How to Chain: i. Break skill down into linked
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