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Kinesiology 1088A/B

Flow Experience - An autotelic feeling where he participant feels totally involved in the activity (“do the activity for the sheer joy of the doing”) Flow is attained when the participant’s perceived skills are equal to the demands or challenges of the task and the following conditions are present: - Complete absorption in the activity- so involved nothing else matters - Merging of action and awareness – totally involved in the task (don’t think about it, it just happens) - Have a sense of control over one’s actions and environment - Attention is centred and focused on only a few important details - There is a total loss of ego (self-consciousness) where there is no concern about adequacy or embarrassment - The demands/ goals of the task are clear and the feedback is accurate and specific to the task - Time is transformed – seems to speed up (time flies by) - Effortless movement – don’t have to think about it or try too hard (automatic) Flow is usually attained when both capabilities and challenge are high How to achieve flow: - Motivation to perform (challenge) - Optimal levels of arousal (vary by individual) - Maintain narrow focus on key elements – stay in the present - Pre-competitive and competitive plans and preparation - Phys
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