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Kinesiology 1088A/B

Home Field a) Advantage (Varca, 1980) a. Functional aggression (home) = more rebounds, blocks, steals b. Dysfunctional aggression (away) = more fouls, turnovers b) Disadvantage (Beaumeister, 1984) a. Increased self-consciousness distracts from the automatic execution of skills (playoffs) Implications There is very little that can be done to eliminate the stressful effects of the presence of others at sporting or exercise events. BUT: 1) Eliminate evaluative apprehension and control arousal, especially when learning new skills 2) Knowledge is power – educate and inform participants about: a. Inform the athletes about the common physiological reactions to stress so they can recognize them when they occur b. Inform them about how audiences can influence performance c. Inform them about the effects that stress and anxiety can have on performance 3) Perfect Practice [makes perfect] a. Overlearn skills, techniques, strategy b. Train by simulating audience effects (taped or real crowds at practice) c. Pair high and low anxious athletes (veteran and rookie – buddies) 4) Specificity a. Arrange practice sessions (both skill and stress reaction situations) so they will approximate game conditions (last seconds o
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