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Kinesiology 1088A/B

Other sports or activities start to have a greater interest than the one that you are currently involved in (conflict of interest) so you drop out (sport-specific vs. sport-general dropout) The negative reasons for dropping out of an activity are: - Lack of ability (failure to improve skills) - Lack of success - Lack of playing time - Lack of enjoyment - Injury - Boredom - Lack of support from significant others - Dislike of the coach or his/her style (win at all cost attitude) - Pressure from parents Negative reasons have more impact and are more important for younger or less experienced participants Implications The coach or leader must deliberately increase the opportunities for at least the major incentives to be satisfied. To do so, he/she needs to engage in a process to attempt to discover what incentives each participant brings to the activity (IMI – incentive motivation index) a) Affiliation – place value on all roles, allow or plan social activities beyond he sport setting, encourage mutual support and team unity (cohesion) b) Excellence – help set realistic personal and group goals relative to ability level, provide for as much skill development as possible (over learning by doing repeatedly in practice) c) Stress/excitement – provide variation and novelty in practice, give participants many challenging opportunities and expectations d) Status/success – don’t over emphasize winning, but don’t ignore it’s importance, promote all roles, effort and performance e) Fitness – provide all participants with the
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