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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

What is Pyscho-Motor Learning How the Central Nervous system controls movement Plasticity: ability to learn and inquire new skills  - Result as to how the central nervous system lays down new connection to movements.  - The CNS must learn to react in certain situation to gain new skills Optogenetics: Method used to control neurons of the brain to cause movement.  Inject gene into specimen causing to move in reaction to different flashes of light.  Technique can be used to help when people are disabled Extrafusual muscle fibers: the muscle fibers used to move.  Extrafusual muscles line up straight  Power producing muscle fibers The CNS which INTRAfusual muscle fibers: designed to detect stretch in a muscle involves  Stretch information is important as it tell the CNS when the body part is in relation to the rest of the body action  People who have problems in their CNS cannot detect certain things such as and the one that where are their feet. This results in them needing to look at their feet as they involves walk. If not, will not know how to control and trip learning Motor Learning: a set of internal processes associated with practice or are experience leading to a relatively permanent gain in performance capability  Relativily important change in motor performance complete ly  Performance effect: you go in and learn a new skill, a day later after learning different you attempt skill but do not know how to do it. and  Learning effect: when you learn a skill and after a day you can still do the skillunrelate Learning is permanent while performance is only at the time of learnt. d  We want to educated people with a learning effect. Motor Control: An area of study dealing with the understanding of the neural, physical, behavioral, and cognitive aspects of movement  How the brain develops a motor program and further
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