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Arousal, Stress & Anxiety: Chapter 4

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Western University
Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

¾fţ¾ ¾¾Ǝ° ťf½ D O f°€½ ¾–nff°½¾ n–nffnf° O @°°¾ €¯f°ff° ½fnf¯ O nf°nf°f°–°–°fn°°¯€¯¾½ ½Ŵ°°¾ €€° fn¾°€€°¾€f¾f½€¯½¯f ½f¯½ťf°Ŵ€¾°–°f¾€fnf°f°f¾fţ °¾°–°,¾€fnf°f°f¾f O f¾ f°n½f°Ŵ€f°°ţffţ @Ŵ !"#Ŵƍ––ƍ O @¾€f¾¾f°f¯ff°n°½ ¾nff°½¾ n–nf,- €ff¾f°°ƌ¾¾½°¾9 @°n°°¾€ff¾f° ¯½f°n°¾'°n€ °ƌ° fnf½f¾f°¾ ¾f°Ŵ –¾¾¾ŴŴƽ°€ff¾¯½f°n°¾'°n¾€¾ –f¯°ƌ¯f½f €€¾Ŵ¾¾¾¾ ¾f– ¾ Ŧ ½°°¯°f¯f° *Ŧ 9n½°€¯f°f ,Ŧ ¾¾¾½°¾f° ŴŴ½€ °nf½f¾ -Ŧ ffn°¾'°n¾xn¯½€¯f°n ° O °–f¯°f¾fnffn. °¾°¾¾ţ f°f½½°¾° O f¾fn–° ¯°fn¯½°° ţf½½°¾°ţnŦŴ° ¯° f -f¾¯fn½ ¾–nfn¯½°°°nf¾fff°–fţ °f¾fţƍ€¾ƍţ€f° ¾[email protected] ¾ Ŧ @ ¾½ °¾ ţ !!" O 9€¯f°nƹ€°n°°ff°ƹ€f0 O °ff°¾½°f¾ff°½€¯f°nf¾f¾f°nf¾¾¾¾ ½€¯f°n O ¯½fn½°°°f¾¾f°¾nf€fnf° [email protected]°¾fnf°½°ff¾f¾ff°¯½fn --½,[email protected]@@½ [email protected]ťf¾f0¾¾¾0f° f°ff ¾f°–¾3 † ––f¯Ŵf°–½¾ n½€ † €f¯¾fţ€ff¾f¾f¾f°°¾°ƌ ½€¯f¾Ŵ€°–¾f¾°¾ *Ŧ ° #D$½ ¾ ¾ O @f½¯f¾€f¾f O ½¯ff°–[email protected]Ŵf°€ ½–°–½½f¾½¯fţ½€¯f°n ¾f¾n°°¾ O °nfn½¯f½€¯f°nf¾€ n°°n¯¯ f¾fnf O ¾f.°[email protected]½°4Ŵf°°ƍ°f.°¾€½¯f€°n°ƍŴŴƽ©¾° f¯f°¾f4-½[email protected]½¯f½° O ¾nff4-½Ŵ – f¾f¾°4-½ O If¾€¯½¾°½¾° O €€°f¾¾f€€°½¯f¾°°¾f¯°Ŵf¯½f° ,Ŧ ff¾½ @ $f#ţ !" O -'f¾,@f¾° ½¾¾¾n¾ O ¯fnf° nf°f¯f €€°€€n¾°½€¯f°n½°°–° n–°f° °–½°n¾¯½½¯f fţ¾¯– ° O € JŴ°Df°¾½ O € ¾Ŵfnf°fn¾f°½¯f¾f€n¾ff¯fn ƍnff¾½nƍn°°½€¯f°n O €€nn€¯°n½°n -Ŧ ¾[email protected] ½ Ǝ% ţ &'&(" O ¾n–°°½f°€°ƌ¾f¾ff¯½fn¾½€¯f°n O ¾¯fnf°n–°f° ţf½½°¾°Ŵff f¾€€n O f¾fƹn¯°f° O Jf¾f¾ƹff°¯ O 9½[email protected]½[email protected] O °f¾f¾©n f½nf°–¾ ¾f¾ °°½f°€ ,½°f¯½Ŵ½ffn°– @½@½€¯f°n°°°½f°¾½f¾f°n¯° ° ½ ) – ţ !!" -€n¯°¾Ŧf€f O @¾f½¾°f f¾ţ°½°°€°f°f°¾f°–½¾€ ¯ O @ ff¾nf¾f°€°nf¾ff€€nf½¾°°f¾½n€n ¾f°n¯½¾½Ŵ– f°¾½½°f–f° ¾ @f f° O ¾f½¾°f °°n ½n¾f°¾f¾f°°–° ff ° f f° O nf°–°– ¯°f¾fnffn. °¾°f°f½½°¾°f° f°¯n °¾¾ ¾¯fn°¾ O ,f¾°°¾@½¯½°° @¾Ŵ,f°¾ţ !66 @ť O ¾¾¾¾–€½¾°f f €f° O ¾¾¾¾–€¾¾¾€ţ°–f°f€f°°¾ff° O ¾¾¾¾f€€n€f° °–fn¯½° °°–¾ť°€€°n°f¾ff° °ť O 9fn½f°¾Ǝ°°Ŵ½fn½f°¾ O ,¾Ŵ¾¾Ŧf¾Ŵ¾n¯½¾€°©¾f¾¯f° –f°¾¾f¾ –f°¾–°°¾ O ff° –ff nf¾¾f–f°½°n O –ff°¾°f¾½°n–€°–¾¾ff° ţ½ţ °–ţf°f€n¯½°¾ O @ff° ¾f-°€°n°¯ff ¾–°¾Ŵ©¾ nf¾ f–f°¾Ŵ¾°¯f°f€€n €¯½€¯°– ţ°°–Ŵf f°n½ n ¾€ ¾¾ť°f. Ŧ f° fŦ ¯½f°n€°¾–¯°¾€ Ŧ D°nf° €n¯€°¾ *Ŧ 9¾°f fŦ @ff° –°f¾½¾°€f°¾°–¾¾¾¾f°¾ Ŧ €Ŵ¾¯ nŦ nf½ ¾'ff°f° n¯½f°½¾°9 @€fn¾°€°n°–°¾½n½°€¾¾¾°fn¯½ ¾f°ť Ŧ °ff¯¾½–°f ¾½f°–¾f€€°n°f°°f f°f¯¾½Ŵ°f¾½f¾°€,½¾¾¾f°f° *Ŧ ½nf°¾€¾nn¾¾°½–½nf°¾ ,Ŧ °°°–¾¾¾°– °–°:¾¾n¯¾¾½€¯f°n€°n –f¾°–Ŵ½€–f -Ŧ f°¾n¯Ŵf°½¾¾°¾¾Ŵ°–f¾½ff°Ŵf ½f°f°¾ţn¾¾ţnŦf€n¯9ŦŦŦJfff°¾f ¯fn¯9 f°½¾¾°¾¾Ŵffƍ¾°°–nf°ƍ f€nn ¾¾$¯ ţ &(" O €€°¯°¾°:f½¾ff°°½¾ ½€¯f°n O ,°fn–°½n¾¾f€½½° f½¾¾ €–f¾nn¾¾ ¾nffn°½€¯f°nŴn€€0°ƌf°f½¾¾€ °–½¾¾¾0½€¯f°n €€ n¾€° † °¾f°°–n¯¾€¯f°f€€n¾f° f¾°½€¯f°n Ŧ ¾¯fnŴ°€¾¯¾nn°f° † ¾¯f°¾n°fn°°¾°°f°f–°¾n¯¾n–½¾ Ŧn½¾ţn½¾ † ° ¾€ f f€ °ƌ¾¾¾ *Ŧ ½¾ n–nfŴ¾fn°€f°°nf¾¾¾¾f°¾fn°€½€¯f°n † °f½ ¾nf½¯¾f°°€n¾°f¾ff°€°¾ţ°¾ŦŦ½nŦ ŴŴƽ°ƌf°°°–f¾3 † °Ŵnf¾f @€€n¾ † °f°–€¾f€f°¯°f°€f°n¾ O J¾½f°–°f f°n¾°¾°°–Ŵf°€n¾ ¾°–fx¾f °°–[email protected] O -°¾€n¾ţ[email protected]€n¾¯f°°– ° ¾¾°f-½@I½n n¾½f¯f°¾ţ¯¯° ½€¯f°nŤ½½€¯f°nţ¯f° O J¯¾fn nf°n°f¾f¾¾¾¾f°f° 3 O °n°fn¯¾°n½°– O Jnf°ƌ½€¯€ ¾°¾ O -f°n½°–¾¾3f€½¾¾Ŵ¾°f ½ °–. ° — f°¾¾°f°–f nn¾½fŴ¯f°¾ţ¯¯° ½€¯f°nţ½½€¯f°nf°¯f° — ¯¾f
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