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Lecture 19

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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob La Rose

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Kinesiology 1088a Lecture 19Multimodal Reduction PackagesSMTstress management trainingoAn integrated cognitive and somatic intervention strategyoAccounts for situation appraisal of situation physiological response and actual behaviourSITstress inoculation trainingoGradual exposure tocoping with increasingly stressful situationsB Dealing with ACUTE more immediate problemsImmediately prior to or during a contestHelp participant focus on the task at handNegative thought stopping positive thinkingoSelftalk stop thinking negativelySubstitute positive thoughts immediatelyUse CUE words images music etcRelatively new area of studyresearchDefinition An internal dialogue through which a person interprets feelingsperceptions regulates changes evaluationsconvictionsgives selfinstructions and reinforcement6 dimensions of selftalk1Selfdetermined or assigned internal or external2PerspectiveInternal in head vs external out loud3Valencepositive vs negative4Directionperception of motivating or demotivating
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