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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob La Rose

Recommended textWeinburg RSGould D 2011thFoundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology 5 editionEach lab is 3 and six of them and 56 count2 exams a midterm and a finalA lab approximately every 2 weeks and should take 30 mins eachLecture material is tested and not everything elseObjectives of Sports and Exercise Psychology First chapter of TextaConsider how psychological factors effect an individuals physical performance in sport and exercisebConsider how participation in sport and exercise effects an individuals psychological development health and wellbeingA Comprehensive Objective Carron 1980To obtain an understanding through description explanation and prediction of the Behaviour and Performance of individual or groups in sports and exerciseBEHAVIOURA unique way of responding to ALL the stimuliPerformancegoaldirected behaviour for the purpose of short term execution of a discrete taskPerformance is more changing and varies with situation But behaviour tends to be more stable over long periods of timeOrientation to Sport and Exercise Psychologydifferent ways of approach1Behavioural approach behaviour of athletes determined by the environment2Psychophysiological 3CognitiveBehavioural behaviour determined by ones interpretation of both environment and cognitions thoughts How we think about the environment and the competition Professional Approaches
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