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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob La Rose

Advantages of a participative style1Greater group acceptancesimplementation of decision2Greater selfdeterminationresponsibility which increases intrinsic motivation3Broader information base which generates more solution alternatives under greater scrutiny4Improved quality of decision thru generation of more originalcreative solutionsDisadvantages of a Participative style1The time it takes to make a decision2Individuals can solve complex problems more efficiently than a group can3Desire for consensus can affect the quality of the decision and thus the productivity or performance of the group4Intragroup conflict due to selfinterest can be detrimental to performanceIMPLICATIONA coach must learn to adjust his decisions style as the situation warrants All coaches instinctively favour one style or another but should be competent at a variety of other styles and be prepared to use them where indicatedThe practice Session as a motivator1Increased motivation can be achieved through the introduction of Variety or novelty during practiceThere is a need to habituate skills and techniques for optimum performance or behaviourAt some point routine and repetition become boringSo we need to teach or repeat the same skills but with
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