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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob La Rose

Competition as a MotivatorChapter 5Competition is a strong motivational force imbedded in all sporting situations and in many recreational settings as well However the coach or leader has very little control over itDescriptions a situational process that is either zero sum or nonzero sum reward structuresReward structure in competition is there Zero sum is when one side wins the other side losesNonzero sum is when one side gets a head start enhancing the situation when sides are not equal so competition is closerAnd is either direct or indirectDirect is you vs me against another individualIndirect is not necessarily against another person but can be against time element etc like rock climbingCooperationWorking together with others to accomplish a task or reach a common goalCompetition and cooperation can be at work at the same time on any team or group ie cooperate with teammates vs opponents but c
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