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Western University
Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob La Rose

Major life changeswhen combined with few coping skills and little social supporthigher risk of athletic injuryDeath moving marriage economic statusStressDisrupts attention by narrowing peripheral field and causes distractions and irrelevant thoughtsCreates muscle tension that interferes with normal coordinationGiving all out effort often means playing hurt or taking undue risks which increases the probability of injury must distinguish between discomfort of overload and pain of injury people try to come back from injury too soon or try to play when they shouldnt beSome athletes look for attention by playing up or even faking an injuryReactions to injury1Athlete made to feel worthless because ignored and cant contribute so play injuredmore severe injury can have an injured person still contribute to the team like a veteran talk to rookies sideline or in practice and helps them not to feel worthless2Grief response KublerRoss 1969 when we cant often play we tend to go through grief response similar to someone close to you dying Its a series of psych processes we work throughoDenialoAngeroBargaining if
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